Billing and Insurance
Billing and Insurance

Billing and Insurance

At The Imaging Center | Medical Imaging, we want to assist you in coping with your financial requirements. Each health insurance company has different rules for filing claims. You may incur added expense if you fail to follow your insurer's requirements. For patients with insurance, you will be required to pay any deductibles or co-insurance dictated by your insurance plan at time of service. Our staff will call your insurance company to get the best estimate of what you will owe for the procedure. Please remember this is just an estimate. The final patient amount owed will be determined after your insurance company processes your claim.


Many insurance companies list special instructions on the card regarding pre-certification or prior authorization for services. These instructions may require you to contact your company before your procedure (even for an emergency procedure). If your insurance company requires a preauthorization for your procedure, we will work with your referring physician to obtain the authorization. However, you as the patient should always ensure that the authorization if required is obtained. This will ensure the claim will be paid in a correct and timely manner. Check your card. If it shows you must call your insurance company for authorization, please make sure that you or a member of your family phones the company without delay. Usually, you must do so within 24 hours.

Health Insurance Plans

In most cases, The Imaging Center | Medical Imaging will bill your primary health insurance company directly. If we haven't heard from your insurer after 30-45 days, we may ask for your help in contacting them. Amounts that are denied, rejected or unpaid may become your responsibility, depending on your plan type and benefits.


If you have Medicare, we will bill it first and then bill unpaid amounts to any supplemental insurance policies you may have. All unpaid balances may become your responsibility, depending on your plan type and benefits.

Workers' Compensation

If the bill is related to treatment for an on-the-job injury or accident, we will file a claim with your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier after authorization. Claims that are denied may ultimately become your responsibility.


If you have a Medicaid insurance product, we will bill in accordance with your plan's policy. If we are not listed as a provider with your Medicaid product you may be responsible for the balance.

Un-Insured Options

For your convenience, The Imaging Center | Medical Imaging accepts most forms of payment including cash, checks, and most major credit cards.